SHREI (Skin and Hair Research and Education Initiative) is the brainchild of Dr. Sujata Mehta Ambalal. Its aim is to carry out research in the field of dermatology and trichology in a real-world setting. A lot of research is conducted and published at the level of academic institutes. However, private practitioners see a sizeable number of patients and information from these sources rarely makes its way out. It is our aim to collaborate with fellow doctors, clinics, patients, product manufacturers and end users to study topics connected with skin and hair health.

Patients regularly seek information about what products they should use for their skin and hair care and are receiving information backed by advertising rather than science. The market is bombarded with products touted to be magical for the skin. We wish to educate people and separate the facts from the fluff.

We invite proposals to conduct studies on commonly used products and practices to create pooled data from different centers. If you wish to connect with us regarding this or contribute your ideas to the cause of education, please drop in a mail on

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