Acne/ pimples in adults teens and adults

Acne/ pimples in adults teens and adults

A new pimple on your face just when you don’t need it at all? Welcome to the club of millions of acne patients, including me! Minor pimples affect almost all adolescents because of the physiological (read expected, natural and normal) hormone changes. So why do some teens get florid acne? And what’s with pimples in adults? I have moms and kids simultaneously coming in for the same problem- pimples! Anyone with acne needs expert consultation with a dermatologist. While you do so, ask yourself the following questions

1.      Do you have dandruff? Overgrowth of certain organisms causes dandruff as well as pimples. Since dandruff tends to recur, use an anti-dandruff shampoo weekly or fortnightly even after it is controlled.

2.      Are you using a new product? Even the so called 'hypoallergenic and non comedogenic’ stuff may not be so for your skin. Discontinue the new product and see if your pimples reduce.

3.      Have you been tested for vitamin D deficiency?Surprised? Vitamin D actually works like a hormone and its deficiency is ubiquitous, thanks to our lack of outdoor activity, air conditioned cars and sunscreen use. Get yourself tested and treated.

4.      Do you have a sweet tooth? Love chocolate? Sugar intake raises your insulin levels and high insulin causes pimples. So, cut down on chocolates, ice creams, cakes, biscuits, maida and all refined carbohydrates. Eat whole foods, fruits and vegetables instead. Dairy is also known to worsen acne, but if you are a vegetarian, it is your only source of animal protein and vitamin B12. So, don’t stop dairy just because you have pimples. Curd has fewer hormones than milk.

5.      Are you on protein or other ‘supplements’ because you exercise a lot? Bad news. Too much protein or anabolic steroids is also giving you pimples. Eat natural protein as far as possible, and chuck off your protein bars and shakes. And never ever take anabolic steroids unless medically advised. Full stop.

6.      Do you exercise regularly? If yes, that’s great.If not, what are you waiting for? Exercise reduces excess fat and also decreases insulin levels. So, less insulin= less acne.

7.      Have you put on weight recently? Go back to your pre-acne weight and you’ll get back your pre-acne face!

8.      This one’s for the girls. Are your periods irregular? Do you have excess male-like hair on your face or tummy? Do you have dark underarms? (no, they are not dark because of waxing or deo, they are dark because of your weight/ hormone problems) Are you losing hair on the scalp,like you may be balding?  If the answer to any of these is yes, your dermatologist will run a few tests to check for hormone disturbance and polycystic ovaries. Follow your doctor’s advice.

9.      Stressed out a lot? Who isn’t? Physical and mental stress causes hormone disturbances and hormone disturbances lead to …….?You guessed it right. I’m not delving into stress busting advice here. You can find plenty everywhere. Start with your mom ??

10. Avoid using plastics to store food or water. Plastics have endocrine disrupting chemicals which are harmful for your hormone equilibrium.

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