• My entire family ie my husband, my two children have regularly consulted Dr Sujata and she has balanced the comfort level that we share with her and her professionalism very nicely. As a doctor, her diagnosis has been very precise and treatments very accurate. There has been an instance recently where I consulted her for a particular rash that my son developed and she was quick to point out that it was something that he had previously developed because of swimming and all this at a social gathering and without having looked at the file. And the treatment- please apply a moisturizer regularly twice a day!! Such was her precise diagnosis and the simple treatment that took care of the problem.

    - P.S

  • Dr. Sujata has been a life savior for me, professionally as well as personally too. I went through the worst phase of depression due to severe acne and rosacea on my face for at least a year, during which I visited few of the top most dermatologists in Mumbai. None of them could solve the problem, in fact it started to worsen. Once I started seeing Dr. Sujata, with her simple remedies and down to earth attitude, she not only lessened the acne issue but also boost my morale with a lot of confidence. I would recommend Dr. Sujata to anyone who has skin issues.

    - A.V

  • I really thank Dr. Sujata who has given me my confidence back by the treatment. Before I met her I was very depressed by my hyper pigmentation but after treatment I gained a lot of confidence. Personally my experience is excellent and I suggest that those who are suffering from any skin disease please consult her. She has given new birth to me. I don’t have any words to explain anything. Thank you ma’am. Thank you so much for everything.

    - S.P

  • A very gentle and trustworthy doctor.

    - B.P

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